I LOVE this yarn!


Northern Woollen Mills spins deliciously hearty wool here in Minnesota. We carry the natural worsted and DK weight as well as this scrumptious mix they call mill ends, which are the bits leftover but not enough to make  a full skein. They take all these pieces and combine them into individual skeins which are completely unique. There is just enough lanolin left in the fiber to make the experience a soft one.image imageWe knit up the man’s size Ferryboat Mitts in a uniquely mis-match look! Any guy would feel toasty with these on his hands.

Needlework box


image imageHere’s a box from Suberry with an insert of filet crochet which I did when Rosa was a baby. I had high expectations of doing enough of these little animals to make a border on curtains for her bedroom, but only did one because they took so long. I’m so glad I saved it so that it could go on Gigi’s first jewelry box!

She’s here!



Little baby Evangeline Cora arrived on Thursday evening weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz and 20 1/2″ in length. Everyone is doing well and she is small enough to fit into all the knit things that Matthew was too big for! She is a dear sweet one!