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Thrummed Mitts



Karen found a fun use for the Noro rainbow rolls of pencil roving we recently stocked: thrummed mittens! These will keep your hands extra warm this winter and the thrums peek through in a fun gradient when you rip from the roll as you go.

This is a popular project, too. A quick search for ‘thrummed mittens’ on Ravelry returns over 100 patterns!

For the on-the-go crafter



This tool just arrived in the store over the weekend: it’s basically the Swiss army knife of crochet hooks. Perfect for a traveling project bag for quick fixes in any weight of yarn.

Each of these has four crochet hooks, one set for larger projects and one set for smaller projects. But why not have both?

Yarn Keys



A recent addition to the store, yarn keys are nice to have to keep track of your label for a specific skein – because it hooks right on to a strand in the ball. Don’t lose track of the essential information about your yarn, such as color, dye lot, or washing instructions!

You could also use these handy tools to attach a pattern to a skein you have a plan for, too!