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Churchmouse Stay-on Booties in Painted Sky


Baby Booties knit in Gradient YarnAmy recently knit up a pair of the Churchmouse Stay-on Baby Booties with Painted Sky, a worsted-weight mixed gradient yarn. The color progression is subtle and almost tweed-y looking.

She also likes that the booties match without being exactly identical – because who has the time to match every pair of the socks in their drawer?! The baby that gets to wear these will definitely be showing off their fashionable and artistic side.

Painted Sky is a sibling to the fingering-weight yarn, Painted Desert, and both are stocked in our store.

New Colors of Softcotton Chunky


IMG_3962We recently stocked five new colors of Babe Softcotton Chunky that we think would be well suited for winter-y projects, maybe a cute jacket for a new baby? A cozy new cowl for a friend? Or a hat for your pup who is just a little naughty?

Whatever pattern you choose, you’re sure to have a squishy, soft finished product with this yarn. And, of course, we have several brighter colors so you can knit or crochet with Softcotton for any season!



Dory Pullover from Swans Island


IMG_4231IMG_4234We’re showing off this cute pullover as a shop sample recently because we’re just so in love with it! The pattern, Dory Pullover, is an instant classic that comes to us from Swans Island Company.

We used three skeins of the sport-weight self-striping Ambiente from Schoppel-Wolle (current color selection pictured here) and two skeins of a contrasting color (stash buster alert!) to make the 2 year old size. This is a nice superwash wool, so this pullover is perfect for even the most active kid.

We’re always so excited when the right yarn brings a simple pattern to life, aren’t you?

Create your own Reusable Bags!


With our City’s recent decision to move forward with a plastic bag ban, we are here to help you prepare. We have plenty of patterns for knitters and crocheters  alike! We also have talented finishers who can create totes from your fabulous needlepoint and expert staff who can advise you on planning for that.

Stitches with Motion

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean


needlepoint ship with sailsThe movement stitched into this needlepoint ornament is really blowing us away*! Between those wind-filled sails and the detail in the clouds, this is a great demonstration of needlepoint stitches with texture.

* Sorry for the bad pun.

What to make for Pokemon Go players


Pokemon Go is a new game that has people out walking with their phones. If you’re not playing, the odds are good that you have a friend, coworker, child or grandchild who is. This makes planning presents easy!

Since playing the game means adventuring outside, a water bottle holder is a smart idea, and this little patch would be a great embellishment:

The weather may be warm now, but how great would these mitts be for that first fall chill? 

Or how about this hat?

For a more subtle effect, you could knit something in their team color – we have great yarns in all weights in yellow, blue, and red. And of course, socks would be great for all that running around!

We’re proud of you!


Be very proud of what you have made!We hear a lot of people get down on themselves for producing an ill-fitting garment, not having the “right” gauge and tension, selecting the wrong yarn for a project, and a multitude of other things.

We have a secret: we’ve been there, too. These sorts of things have only helped  to make us better knitters and crocheters, though.

Before you get to this point, come into the shop with your project or issue and let us help! We’d love to get you on the right track and cheer you on. We know you can do it!

If you need a little extra attention, we have clinics throughout the week where you can get more focused assistance from an instructor. Call the shop for dates and times and to get registered in advance: 612-925-2454.