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Lunching in our neighborhood


If you need to pick up a few supplies, but want to turn your visit into more of a field trip, please consider supporting some of the local eateries near our location.

Street parking may be limited in spots, but for the closer options our parking lot can accommodate a lot of visitors.

(Take note, Shop Hoppers! Although we’re not formally participating this year, we’d still love for you to visit us during the event.)

Within walking distance:

Hello Pizza
3904 Sunnyside Road (France & Sunnyside)
New York-style pizzas and sandwiches, plus microbrews and wine.

Bruegger’s Bagels/Caribou Coffee
44th & France
Bagels/salads/soups & coffee/pastries. These spots share a dining area.

44th & France
Sandwiches & soups.

Linden Hills Co-op
3815 Sunnyside Road (France & Sunnyside)
A full-service deli counter.

Convention Grill
3912 Sunnyside Road
Classic American diner with a wide variety of malts & milkshakes.

France 44 Wines & Spirits
44th & France
Cheese shop with delicious deli counter offerings.

A little further:

Chatterbox Pub
4501 France Avenue South
Full-service cafe offering custom microbrews & draft beers.

Great Wall
4515 France Avenue
Chinese, take out & sit down.

Turtle Bread
3421 44th Street
Soups, sandwiches and pastries.

There are many other options east of us at 43rd & Sheridan or south of us at 50th & France, as well.

Classing it up.


Maria sewed this lovely beaded fringe on this shawl for her favorite daughter-in-law. It added just the right touch to dress it up a bit. Come in and we’ll show you all our trims!image