November 15, 2008


Bearfootresupplied  While we're on the subject of sock yarn, it seems to be a good time to mention a few other fabulous sock choices.  We have the Bearfoot basket filled up again – this luxurious yarn from Mountain Colors makes a really yummy pair of socks. 

(Some of us take it as our personal obligation to try Fasset6ply every sock yarn in the store – so do some of our customers – if you need an explanation, you need to knit more socks)

We also have an excellent supply of Kaffe Fassett's sock yarn – the master of color lends his magic to sock yarn – and (speaking from personal experience, of course) the socks that emerge from this yarn look fabulous.  Feel great too. 

The Fassett yarn also comes in a heavier weight as well – "6 fach" or sport weight.  So if you want your socks a bit heavier or want to put that color genius into a larger garment, this heavier version is an excellent choice.

Comfortsockyarn And if you're bemoaning the fiber content of sock yarn (yes, most choices are wool blends) or the cost (yes, these socks will be very special), do not despair.  Berroco's value-priced Comfort line of yarns includes a sock yarn – it is 100% man-made fibers and is very well-priced – less than half that of the hand-paints.

We have a couple more non-wool choices too – we have a lot of choices, period.  We've been doing socks and selling sock yarn for decades and we'll always have a terrific selection.

And don't forget our Special Saturdays – after Meg Leach's book signing today, get knitting on Kiki's Hats for next week's visit bylocal popular author Warren Hanson.  We will give you the yarn and pattern for a hat to donate.  Call the shop to join in a Kiki's Klub knitting group – let's get a whole lot of hats ready!


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