December 14, 2008


2oldbagsbags2oldbagsbags2 We had a blast yesterday as we enjoyed a visit from Two Old Bags!

Katie filled up her car with samples and drove up from Rochester – and what an amazing assortment she brought.  Wow!

Of course she brought bags – lots of bags.  These gals wrote up one of the original felted bag patterns and their designs helped to 2oldbagsornaments2popularize felting with a whole new generation of knitters.  And they now have a whole stable of felted bag designs.

Then because it is the season – there are also felted ornaments – little bitty socks, mittens, hats – perfect for hanging on your tree or mantle – or fabulous gifts!


And she brought traveling companions as well – the infamous sock monkeys!  Made out of sock yarn, these guys really have personality.  Fingering weight sock yarn makes a small monkey – heavier weight yarn makes a larger one.  And you can dress them up however you like!


From the silly to the sublime – lace shawls – mmmmm.

Yes, before all the felting and monkeys, there was lace.  They have quite a collection of elegant lace shawls, and I'm not sure, but I think the lace was how they started out.  Maybe it's just because I've been fascinated with some of those designs for so long.2oldbagsshawl2 

The shawls are beautiful and it sure was fun to see them.  It was great fun to see all the pieces made from the designs of Two Old Bags

We love to carry their products – and we hope you enjoy making them!


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