December 25, 2008


A special gift for you:

Lacey Entrelac Scarf  Noroscarf

Scarf as knit used Noro Kureyon Sock yarn, 1 1/3 skeins (1 full skein, plus what was left over after knitting an adult women’s pair of socks).

Size US4-6 needles – use the size that gets the appearance you desire.

This scarf is knit in "tiers" of triangles and rectangles.  The first tier is two "set-up" triangles, the second is two end triangles and one center rectangle, the third is two rectangles.  The second and third tiers are repeated for pattern.

Cast on 40 stitches.

Knit "set-up" triangles.  Each one will consume 20 stitches.

Slip one, make one, turn, purl back, turn,

Sl1, M1, ssk, turn, purl back, turn,

Knit 1, M1, k1, ssk, turn, purl back, turn,

Entrelacsetup K1, M1, k2, ssk, turn – and so on.  Keep doing this until your triangle has 20 stitches – on the right hand needle.  THEN, start again with the next stitch on the left needle – DO NOT break the yarn.  Everything will stay connected and it will look odd – but that is how it should look!

After you have used all the cast-on stitches and have two set-up triangles on the right needle, turn your work and work a left-edge triangle:

Working with the wrong side facing, k1, turn.

K1, M1, turn.

K1, purl 2 tog, turn.

K1, M1, k1, turn.

K1, purl 1, p2tog, turn.

Continue on right side rows to knit to last stitch, M1, k1, turn.

Continue on wrong side rows to k1, purl until last st before gap, p2 tog, turn.

Continue until 20 stitches are in left triangle – so not turn.

Knit one rectangle:

Pick up and purl 20 stitches along edge of next triangle, slipping tip of needle under both legs of edge stitch.  Slip last st picked up to left needle and p2tog.  Turn.

For the next 39 rows, work lace pattern on right side, and purling on wrong side, and p2 tog on wrong side with last stitch of wrong side row and existing triangle (or rectangle).

Noroscarf2 Lace pattern (purl on wrong sides):

Row 1: k10, yo, k1, yo, k4, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k2

Row 3: k11, yo, k1, yo, k3, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k2

Row 5: k12, yo, k1, yo, d2, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k2

Row 7: k2, k3tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, yo, k1, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k2

Row 9: k2, k3tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k11

Row 11: k2, k3tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k12

Row 13: k2, k3tog, k1, yo, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, yo, k4, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k2

Repeat rows 3-13 twice, with last repeat row 13 is different:

K2, k3tog, k1, yo, k1, yo, k13.

Knit 2-3 rows in stockinette (knit 1 row, purl 1 row), as needed to finish section.

When finished with section, do not turn.

Knit a right side triangle:

Pick up and purl 20 sts along edge of next triangle (or rectangle).  Turn.

(All right sides) Knit to end of this section.  Turn.

Sl 1, p17, k2tog, turn.

Wrong side rows, continue in this manner, purling 1 fewer stitch each time.

When you have 1 stitch remaining, this stitch will be the first one of the next row and will count as a picked up stitch for the next row’s rectangle.

Make two rectangles for the next tier. 

Continue in this fashion (1 tier with side triangles and center rectangle, 1 tier with 2 rectangles) until desired length, ending on tier with one rectangle.

Final tier – 2 triangles.: 

With right side facing, pick up and knit 20 sts along edge of next triangle or rectangle.  Slip last picked up st to left needle and ssk.  Turn.

Next and all wrong side rows: purl and turn.

K2tog, k17, ssk, turn.

Continue right side rows by knitting one fewer st before decreasing.

When 3 sts remain, slip 1, ssk, pass the slipped st over the st.  One st remains.

On the last triangle bind off.



Copyright Needlework Unlimited 2008.  This is a free pattern and may be reproduced with this notice.



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