December 30, 2008


Knittingsockswithhandpaintedyarn  This is another book that snuck onto our shelves in December: Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sukoski.  If you look through it quickly, you'll just think it's another collection of sock patterns.  Ho hum.

But, take the time to look again.  That part about the handpainted yarn – it's a very worthwhile part.  Carol talks about that adventure many of us have had – we fall in love with a gorgeous hank of (expensive) handpainted yarn, we take it home, start knitting and hmmm – are less than pleased with the outcome.  The colors get all mixed up and the beauty and intensity is gone or the colors start doing some sort of wonky patterning.  And you're thinking you just should have left the darn thing in the store.

Rest assured, you are not alone – and this book is an excellent resource for knitting with handpainted yarns.

The first section of this book talks about why this odd color thing happens – and better yet – what to do about it.  The patterns are designed to work with these very special yarns and how to work them to best effect.  The tips and advice go well beyond sock knitting.

It's located in the sock section of the store – let us know if we need more!


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