January 24, 2009


Linencover As mentioned earlier, we have received our spring Rowan shipment – and what's better in the middle of frozen January than refreshing spring yarns and designs?  (I know - a Mexican beach – but play nice)

Reminiscencecover  While the yarns are cheerful and lovely (as always), I was very impressed by the pattern booklets.  Now I haven't done a close examination of Rowan 45 yet, but I absolutely fell for these two booklets: Lenpur Linen Collection and Reminiscence.  Both of these contain an assortment of sweaters that are just terrific:  made in wearable dk weight, classic designs and with realistic sizing.  Reminiscence1 

Both of these booklets came home with me – these are classic designs that will be fashionable ten years from now – and for those of us who might not get around to starting a new sweater for about that long – this is an important factor!

And if you've been lured by the promise of fast knitting with those really chunky yarns, don't give up on finer knitting.  Dk weight is about 5.5 stitches to the inch and there are so many choices in that weight in lots of different fibers – silk, bamboo, cotton – and blends.  Reminiscence2 

Dk's a very comfortable weight to wear in all kinds of weather - and (perhaps best of all), it doesn't add 20 pounds.Reminiscence3 

So – go knit yourself a summery sweater – if you haven't tried that yet, we continue to offer Clinics to help you along the way.


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