April 18, 2009


Sallylecture We were thrilled to once again host Sally Melville for a really fun lecture Thursday evening.  This glimpse from afar is as close as I got – it was packed!

Sally's topic du jour was stash and she offered lots of wit, wisdom and just plain eassurance about our yarn "collections".  She gave suggestions on storage and organization, as well as project ideas for stash usage. 

She talked a lot about what i would call her "moment of revelation" when she had to knit a "boyfriend" sweater for her daughter.  Sallylecture2

This is a very fuzzy picture of that sweater – alas, it's not the boyfriend.

This project proved the starting point for Sally's designs and concepts – using lots of different yarns in the same project and having the finished garment look gorgeous. Her color discussion was so understandable and helpful, I don't think I'll ever look at anything the same way again.  (Now I know why that box of tissues on my desk is so revolting – different tones together – ick!)

We were also treated to the secret of avoiding "bucket butt" – how this missed becoming a late night infomercial, I'll never know – in any event, we now have the secret here in Minnesota.


We had plenty of Sally's new book – and after her talk we were all pretty interested in her color book too.  She tirelessly signed and chatted.  Sallylecture4 And we got a close-up view of all those gorgeous sweaters – just amazing to take a look at them!

And then the fortunate got to take her class the next day – reports are that lots was learned and everyone had fun – can't get much better than that!

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