July 22, 2009


Rowan46 Rowan 46 has arrived!

Always a treat, this issue offers many many wonderful projects – it will be very exciting to see some of these sweaters Rowanmags when they come through this fall.

What is even more exciting, however, are the smaller booklets that feature specific yarns – these are terrific – and will go very quickly.

There's another booklet featuring the Purelife British Breeds yarns (and we now are stocking a DK weight) – classic designs – classic yarn – yum.  There's another booklet featuring Kaffe Fassett's Colourscape yarn – very wearable designs – and fun radically different model choices.  And three more booklets with excellent designs.

But the best thing about all of them?  NEW SIZING!!!  Most of the sweaters include directions for up to size 50!  No more will we fall in love with a sweater and drool over the yarn, then look at how much yarn to buy and be dismayed that the instructions only go up to a 34 chest. 

This is so exciting – Rowan for all!


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