August 10, 2009


Cottonbin This riot of color is a bin of cotton yarn - it's just a one-time shipment, but it's 100% cotton and the colors are bright and cheerful.

Dishcloth I had to try it out, so I went with the ever-glamorous dischcloth.  I didn't have to think much and I just whipped one out in front of whatever mindless must-see TV was on.  And I think it turned out pretty nice!  One skein makes a decent-sized dishcloth.

Dishcloths Then – just because I want to try out some of the fun-colored cotton yarn, I had to make more.  These are made in the various colorways of Samoa, which is more of a sport-weight yarn (so you have to cast on more stitches) and a single skein makes a very large dishcloth.

These are just fun projects that let me play with yarn when I want to experience fun color.  Yes, these are fairly expensive dishcloths – but I was entertained for a while.  And they will make very nice gifts.

For more utilitarian versions, we also stock Peaches 'N Cream, the dishcloth standard.  Sure you could get it at big-box stores, but you'd miss out on looking at all the other options, our complete array of needles and other supplies – and of course, our expert advice and counsel.  In other words – you're coming here anyway!


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