August 27, 2009


Strictlyxmas5 The Strictly Christmas Trunk Show has arrived a few days early – and even if you've never thought about stitching a Christmas stocking, this show will make tempt you.  It's amazing!

Strictlyxmas2 Strictlyxmas6 We currently have nearly one hundred full-sized Christmas stocking canvases in the shop from this company – and they are beautifully designed and exquisitely painted. Strictlyxmas3

There are stockings on 18-count and 13-count canvas, there are stockings for boys and for girls, for dog lovers, angel fans - the detail is just terrific on all of them.

There are also stocking toppers for those of you who want a smaller project – these are basically Strictlyxmasstkgtopper smaller canvases that are designed to attach to an existing stocking as a large cuff.  So – you stitch an elaborate cuff and attach it to a plain (or not so plain) stocking of your choice.  (And of course, our expert finishers can do the attaching part).  Great selection!

Strictlyxmasornament Then there's ornaments – like this tiny stocking.  The odd red triangle is designed to be the cap's flap – it's stitched and then attached during the finishing for a dimensional enhancement.  You can see an example in the shop.

There are larger pieces as well – it's all a bit overwhelming.  So stop in before September 13 to take a tour of the show.  It's a very rare opportunity to see this many stockings at once – all at 15% off too!

And if you're not a needlepointer and these are calling to you?  Don't worry, we can teach you!


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