September 22, 2009



We have lots of new yarns lurking about in the shop – check out the cashmere cabinet – this is a deliciously soft cashmere and merino blend.  With such wonderful colors, this will make a yummy scarf, hat and/or mittens.

And now that Fall is arriving, it's time to check out fall fiber activities.  I am putting up a new calendar page on the webiste,, so you can check out everything. 

We are very excited about doing Kiki's Hats knitting once again this year.  Inspired by local author Warren Hansen's excellent book, we are giving out yarn and pattern so that you may knit a hat.  Then we are donating the finished products to the Minneapolis public schools so they may distribute them to those in need.  We will be handing out yarn for the month of October – and we have knitting sessions scheduled every Saturday in October – join us! 


 We are also starting up a lot of excellent classes – with all the incredible sock yarns in the shop (seriously, how can you resist?), we are offering several sock classes – beginning socks, either traditional or with a Magic Loop technique,, and a more advanced session for tweaking and improving your socks,


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