November 19, 2009


Canvasworks1 The Canvasworks and Betty Smith Trunk Show has been in the shop for nearly a week – and I finally have the time and photos – sorry!

We've never seen this many Canvasworks pieces all at once – just a tremendous selection of these fabulous canvases.  Canvasworks2 They are just a delight to stitch, especially in Silk & Ivory – the stitch painting is absolutely perfect!

The selection includes everything from coasters (really terrific project) to rugs and everything in between. Canvasworkscoaster If you haven't stitched one of these, now is a great time to jump in.

Betty Smith is a new designer for us – she sends us traditional florals and Christmas stockings – and there are some excellent pieces in her line as well.

It's a excellent opportunity to stock up or get a jump on the holiday shopping season for the discriminating needlepointer on your list! Bettysmithstocking


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