December 8, 2009


24154 We received a nice shipment of books yesterday – I'm not sure any of them were hot off the presses, but several are reprints or new editions of excellent books.

One of the very interesting things about knitting is how it is an ethnic tradition in many different areas of the world.  Twisted-Stitch Knitting devotes detailed attention to knitting in a particular area of Austria – it's an incredible stitch resource.  24224

Mostly Mittens is a redo of a wonderful mitten book – tons of mittens in two-color work – mostly Russian designs.  Another terrific resource – and mittens are so useful, fairly quick to make and these kinds of patterns look so impressive (but aren't that hard to make – really!).

924095 And Magnificent Mittens & Socks is back in print – another beautiful book of ethnic patterns.

These are just a few – it's a great time to browse and maybe get something warm going on the needles!


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