June 2, 2010


Kaunisample2 In response to your questions – YES we have patterns for the Kauni!

Personally, I love this simple cardigan – it shows off the color gradations beautifully - it is calling me.  Sigh.

In addition to the ones supplied by the Kauni folks themselves, I have two other types of projects that my fingers are itching to try with it: lace and fair isle.

 Take any fair isle/Norwegian-type colorwork pattern and think about it with Kauni – either with 2 different colorways OR with a single colorway, staggering the colors so you always get a contrast.  Details about this type of project are out there in the blogosphere and on Ravelry and the Kauni discussions.  I'm planning on spending an evening (or several) looking through my old Dale of Norway booklets to choose a design.

Lace – I think any shape will work great and the color changes are so gradual that they won't fight with any lace pattern.  Wendy is currently working on one and she will be posting her pattern.  We are starting a Lace Knitalong later this summer in the shop – Kauni will be an excellent yarn choice!


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