May 15, 2011



Knit, Swirl! came in last week and it is full of fascinating projects – all based upon the concept of knitting a circular form and making it into a sweater.  It's a beautiful way to use handpainted and multi-colored yarns.  Great schematics and photos! Astoundingknits

Also in the shop is Astounding Knits – which is simply a fun read.  Knitters have been doing some pretty amazing things with fiber (and other materials) – and this book compiles a whole lot of fascinating projects.

And I apparently forgot to mention a wonderful book that came in a few weeks ago – Knit Noro.  There have been a number of books and leaflets featuring Noro yarns, but this new one is really beautiful – both in terms of projects and production values.  Knitnoro

Lots of inspiration in this one – how about a fair-isle style sweater in Silk Garden Sock yarn – now that's a concept!


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