June 3, 2011




Just unpacked yesterday – Tinseltown!  It's of a similar construction to the wildly popular Triana, but with a bit of bling.  So you Triana lovers – check it out (and we did get in a new pink color of Triana – going very fast).

We also will be unpacking a huge shipment from Nashua yarns Saturday at the Outlet – lots of lots of their Creative Focus yarns – these are reasonably-priced at retail – and you can get them at 50% off!  Washable wools great for afghans and kid's stuff (shipment includes Christmas colors), mohair, tweeds, chunky and bulky blends (nice wool and alpaca blends) – a great selection.  As always, check or cash only.

Please be patient – Barbara will be unpacking it all and finding space on the shelf for it.  On the other hand, if you buy it first, her work will go quicker. 

Traffic note:  The Edina Art Fair starts today.  50th & France will be closed to traffic and congestion will be widespread in the surrounding neighborhood.  To visit our main store, we suggest coming in from the north (on France from Excelsior) or coming in from the south on Xerxes – turn on 44th.   Or just avoid it altogether and visit the Outlet at 54th & Penn.


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