June 23, 2011



The new fall yarns from Berroco are in!  Once again, beautiful yarns with great pattern support and reasonable prices.

First up: Voyage.  It's 93% alpaca with 5% polyester for strength.  It has that braided/chain construction for loft and wear.  Knits at 4 to the inch on a 10.5 needle – fast!  And the colors are look so fun!

Next: Nanuk.  A wool/nylon blend Nanuk that gives softness and loft to your knitting.  3 stitches to the inch on a 10.5 needle – again fast knitting.  It will be great for a yummy scarf or combined in a larger project (yes there's a new pattern booklet that combines several yarns in one project – very exciting).

Boboli Next: Boboli.  It's a wool/acrylic/viscose blend with exciting colors.  It knits at 5 to the inch on a 7 needle so it can be used in a lot of projects.  (I'm very excited about this one).

And then new for us: Flicker. Flicker This is primary baby alpaca blended with other fibers for strenght.  It's also constructed in that chain-style – so this is a strong and warm yarn.  5 stitches to the inch on a size 9.  Another great yarn appropriate for a lot of projects.

We also received the latest pattern booklets, including Norah Gaughan's fall booklet (if you love cables, you  Ng9_cover_sm are in for a treat).  All of our new yarns have special booklets. 

And Comfortrestockbackstock of course we are resupplied in our current Berroco yarns, including a whole lot of the Comfort yarns. 

It's the best time to get the best selection and to browse – get those "little grey cells" thinking about a fun project!



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