September 21, 2011


Marilinda_4_medium2roxsock Socks.  Lots of you are hooked on sock knitting – the rest of you are either tempted or puzzled.

We have classes for all of you!  For those of you already knitting socks, the first Sock Club starts tonight.  Focusing on Cookie A patterns, you'll learn about her complex sock designs and the world-famous Rox will give you lots of tips for working through these gorgeous socks.

Want to learn how to knit socks?  We have a couple of Basic Sock classes this fall – one is starting in a couple of weeks.  This class is a great way to work through sock construction.  And if you're stuck in the middle of a sock, how about a Sock Clinic

If you are still puzzled about sock knitting, just think about all the fabulous sock yarns and patterns out there – or come in and we'll show you.  Then you will know it's just a matter of time before you break down and try sock knitting.  So stop dawdling and get in on the fun!


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