February 25, 2012


BetsysbeadsBetsy Beads is a gorgeous new book that will tempt you into the world of beaded knitting.  Serious temptation alert.

The projects are stunning – and as you will see, not all that difficult.  And once you try it, you'll be hooked!

BeadedscarfKaren's been busy with this already – having made a couple of the simple beaded scarf.  Stop in and see it – try it on and see how fun it is to wear beads like this!

BeadedscarfcloseupFun to make and fun to wear.

Since this book is so full of terrific beaded projects, we now are stocking beads for your knitting.  And not just any beads – Myuki beads.

Myuki beads are from Japan and are particularly well-suited for knitting because the holes are extra large.  They also happen to Myukibeads2be really pretty.  We are carrying size 6 Myuki beads in one of the largest selections to be found in the Twin Cities.

If you've ever been curious about beaded knitting or just want to see some beautiful knitting, check out Betsy Beads and our projects from the book.


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