Beads in Your Knitting – Oh My!


BetsybeadsBeadedscarfkitThis spring we received a lovely book full of eye candy that combines a couple of passions for many: beads and knitting.  Betsy Beads has turned quite a few heads.

Beaded shawls and scarves are wonderful to wear (a nice amount of weight holds them in place without discomfort).  We are delighted to have added Myuki beads to our shop inventory – these are the best for knitting because the hole is larger than other beads.  And they are beautiful.

BeadedscarfBeadedscarfcloseupWe have kitted up one of the simple designs from Betsy Beads: the Color It Yours scarf.  Available in the store and online, the kit includes all the yarn and beads you need to make the scarf, at less than half the price of buying these materials separately.

How can you resist?


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