Almost half way….


imageimageI have learned a lot about crochet by working on this Crochet Along from Rowan. It started with simple single crochet and progressed to double, triple, popcorn and even post crochet, one hexagon at a time. Each segment requires 10 to 12 pieces and by that time, I really felt I was competant. I was fooled a bit when I started assembling the hexagons (6 sides) and realized that I had done all 10 of week 3 as pentagons (5 sides). Needless to say, the assembly stopped and remedial work has been in progress. ( See how positive I am trying to be?) all in all, a satisfying project and it is more beautiful with every strip of motifs that I add. Here are a few photos in progress.image


4 thoughts on “Almost half way….

    • Karen

      I used Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton. it comes in so many beautiful colors that it was had to choose. You should come in and see them!

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