The ends aren’t woven in yet…


but the 60th pair of mittens is complete! I started this charity knitting on March 9th with only the thought of using up some of my sock yarn stash. When I got close to 30 pairs, I thought I might stop then (as that represented 60 mittens, and you know I turned 60 imagethis year!). I still had some stash, so. thought, ‘I’ll just do a few more’, and now, all of a sudden, I have 60. The plan is to take a break for now, but I still have a small amount of stash left. Just for yucks, I did the math and this project represents 42 skeins of 100 gram sock yarn. For any of you who might like to contribute, we have patterns available and will be happy to collect them between now and Qoctober 1st


2 thoughts on “The ends aren’t woven in yet…

  1. Judy

    YEAH!! And they are all on display at the store! Beautiful job, Karen! You will be keeping lots of fingers and hands warm this winter! Great way to honor that “decade” of your life.

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