Sale Specials through November 21


STORE CLOSING SALE Through December 15. All regular price, in-stock merchandise is 40% Off!

40% Off All Supplies

All needlepoint, knitting, and general crafting supplies are 40% off through November 21st. This includes needles, canvassed, yarns, scissors, thimbles, fabric markers, and so much more. Stock up on the supplies you use the most often at a great price!

All Books: $5

All hardcover books are now for sale at $5. This is more than half off for a book priced at $15, so this is quite a deal! We have plenty of needlepoint, embroidery, beading, and knitting reference guides and pattern books. These will inspire many of your future projects.

What you need to know about shopping with us over the next several weeks:

Please come prepared: browse your Ravelry favorites for inspiration then bring your patterns, yardage requirements, projects-in-progress or previous skein labels for assistance; we have limited resources available in the shop.

Store fixtures (tables, shelving, chairs) and other inventory are also for sale with prices as marked. Please inquire with Karen if you have any questions.

To process your purchase faster, we have separate checkout lines: one for charge only (for purchases over $10), one for checks only, and one for cash only transactions.

We would very much appreciate it if you could pay with cash or a check! We lose a lot of money to credit card fees, and we’re already losing a significant amount due to the deep discounts we’ve been offering in order to close our store. Please help us out as much as your can in our final open days.

Other details to note:

  1. All store credits and gift certificates will be honored. Bonus club cards are void.
  2. No holds.
  3. No special orders.
  4. No returns.
  5. We no longer accept needlepoint finishing, but we assure you that all pieces that have already been submitted for finishing will be completed by December 15th.
  6. We will no longer be holding any of our standard clinics or workshops.



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