Store Closing: Sale Specials for December 6–12


We have less than one week left until our final day on December 15. That’s only 6 more shopping days for you.

Please: Bring Cash or a Checkbook

We know you’ve been a loyal customer, so we’re happy to offer you fine crafting products at such an incredible bargain. When you pay with cash or a check, it shows us your appreciation in return.

You’re also helping us to reduce our overhead costs (keeping the lights on, keeping the yarn warm, etc.) and ease Karen’s transition into a well-deserved and relaxing retirement by using these payment methods.

There are ATMs located nearby:

  • Linden Hills Co-op, 3815 Sunnyside Avenue
  • SuperAmerica, 4419 France Ave South
  • US Bank, Halifax Avenue South & West 50th Street

Also: Bring Your Own Bag

or Basket or Backpack or Briefcase… As we near closing day we are running low on supplies. Please bring a reusable shopping bag, canvas tote, or any other container you may need in order to need to bring some treasures home.

Sale Specials for December 7–12

Shop Samples: 50% Off Marked Price

This is a phenomenal deal: many of our shop samples were priced well below what the cost of yarn and labor would normally be. There are still many sweaters, shawls, kids’ wear and more in our inventory.

These make great Christmas gifts, too! Let your special recipient know that you “made it possible” – it’ll be our secret!

handknit garments for sale, 50% off or more

New Grab Bags

Were you one of the lucky recipients to be surprised by our grab bags of yarn? We nearly sold out of these extremely well-priced deals — but we’re doing it again!

Look for brand new $3 grab bags of yarn in the shop on Wednesday morning. These deals don’t last long so get your picks before they’re gone.

Everything Else: 75% Off

These are rock bottom prices that you won’t find anywhere else. We do still have many fine yarns, novelty threads, beautiful needlepoint canvasses, and unique buttons that need good homes.

Plan ahead for your spring/summer. Are you a snowbird? Pick up a project designed for warm weather! We have cottons, silk, and linen yarns that would all transform into beautiful accessories or garments.

Provide your own finishing touches for your needlepoint projects. Pick up special assortments of fabrics for backing, or beaded/feathered/fur trims to embellish a pillow.

75% off yarn and needlepoint merchandise

75% off yarn and needlepoint merchandise

$5 Hardcover Books

Build your crafting library. Swap crafting books with friends. Learn a new-to-you technique. Get a book just because you enjoy the photos.

Whatever reason you use, a book can provide the best inspiration!

Note that we have a huge variety of miscellaneous retail wares for sale, including shelving, tables, and chairs. We will also sell our cash registers, security system, grid shelving units, office supplies… you get the idea.

If it’s in the shop, chances are good that it’s for sale! If you are interested in anything you see while you’re browsing, please enquire with Karen for her asking price.



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