Our Final Farewell


To all of our old friends & the many new ones we made during our sale:

The service of our fine needlepoint finishers can now be accessed at 3 Kittens in Mendota Heights. You can reach the staff at this shop for more information via phone at 651-457-4969. Please be patient with them as they set up for the increased volumes of finishing requests they’re sure to receive.

Many of you have also asked, “where will I shop now?”

If you like being able to see and feel products in person or ask knowledgeable staff for assistance regarding fibers and instruction, my advice to you is to always shop at a local brick and mortar store. We have many in the Twin Cities from which to choose — go in, introduce yourself, tell them you come from Needlework Unlimited, and ask them to show you their shop and why you should patronize them.

Shopping locally will also help you discover more and continually improving products in the other shops’ inventory.

Happy Knitting and Stitching in the New Year,
Karen & the staff of Needlework Unlimited

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