Learn to Crochet with Churchmouse


Learn to Crochet

Arriving in the store this morning! This 16-page booklet features 3 fabulous first-time crochet projects and plenty of helpful photos and instructions.

Our doors open at 10am. See you in a couple hours!


For the on-the-go crafter



This tool just arrived in the store over the weekend: it’s basically the Swiss army knife of crochet hooks. Perfect for a traveling project bag for quick fixes in any weight of yarn.

Each of these has four crochet hooks, one set for larger projects and one set for smaller projects. But why not have both?

Summer stash buster


Summer stash buster

Here is our version of the Crochet Linen Stitch Scarf which is a free download from Churchmouse. This is a perfect project to learn to crochet as it has only the chain stitch and single crochet. It is easily adaptable to any size yarn and would make a lovely blanket out of you worsted weight leftovers. Stop in and see ours.