New Churchmouse Patterns


Churchmouse is unveiling six new patterns tomorrow and we’ve got them all coming to our store! Please call us at 612-925-2454 if you’d like to reserve a copy of each.

2016-autumn-crocheted-flowers 2016-autumn-fair-winds 2016-autumn-library-vest 2016-autumn-spin-stitch 2016-autumn-mens-pullover 2016-autumn-quadrangle-wrap


New Patterns from Churchmouse Yarns


These five new patterns are officially available for purchase today! A lacy scarf or shawl, a shirt and skirt for ladies, a vest for men, as well as crocheted bags in various sizes. Stop by the store or call us at 612-925-2454 to reserve your copies.

2016-spring-slides-3 2016-spring-slides-4 2016-spring-slides-5 2016-spring-slides-6 2016-spring-slides-2

(Clicking on each image will open a larger preview.)

For the on-the-go crafter



This tool just arrived in the store over the weekend: it’s basically the Swiss army knife of crochet hooks. Perfect for a traveling project bag for quick fixes in any weight of yarn.

Each of these has four crochet hooks, one set for larger projects and one set for smaller projects. But why not have both?