Stitches with Motion

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean


needlepoint ship with sailsThe movement stitched into this needlepoint ornament is really blowing us away*! Between those wind-filled sails and the detail in the clouds, this is a great demonstration of needlepoint stitches with texture.

* Sorry for the bad pun.

Join us on a Needlepoint Adventure!


Beginning in April and continuing through the remainder of 2016, we’ll be stocking exclusive canvases & stitch guides from NeedleDeeva.

429i  429B

You can get each month’s set for $70, or, if you sign up & pre-pay by February 15th, you can get all of the sets for $560 — 9 for the price of 8!

429C  429D

Call the store at 612-925-2454 to pre-register and get more information.

Holiday Gift Round-up


The following is just a short list of all the great gift ideas that we have in the store this holiday season.

For Knitters & Crocheters

hand-sculpted stockinette mugs, plates, bowls yarn candles yarn bowls yarn winder & swift

Hand-sculpted mugs, saucers, and cups; assorted hand-made yarn bowls (ceramic and wooden); wound-yarn candles; yarn winder and umbrella swift.

For Needlepointers (and other needle-crafters)

fancy, extra-sharp scissors

Stitchopoly  scissor fobs, magnetic needleminders thimble playing cards

Scissor fobs and magnetic needleminders; fancy, extra-sharp scissors; thimble-backed playing cards, Stitchopoly

For Anyone

wool socks silk hand warmers horse candles project bags

Wool socks, silk wristwarmers, horse-shaped candles, project bags of all sizes

Or pick up a Needlework Unlimited gift card in any amount. Add an additional $2 to get a gift box and special wrapping (which can be shipped flat).

Needlework Unlimited Gift Card

Learn-a-Stitch Needlepoint Kits


IMG_1440IMG_1441 IMG_1442 IMG_1443


Get ahead on your ornaments for 2016 with our new learn-a-stitch needlepoint kits. Each kits come with canvas, threads, and a guide for learning a new stitch that you can use in other future projects. We also have prepackaged sets of stretcher bars and tacks. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about our finishers’ exceptional capabilities.