Churchmouse Stay-on Booties in Painted Sky


Baby Booties knit in Gradient YarnAmy recently knit up a pair of the Churchmouse Stay-on Baby Booties with Painted Sky, a worsted-weight mixed gradient yarn. The color progression is subtle and almost tweed-y looking.

She also likes that the booties match without being exactly identical – because who has the time to match every pair of the socks in their drawer?! The baby that gets to wear these will definitely be showing off their fashionable and artistic side.

Painted Sky is a sibling to the fingering-weight yarn, Painted Desert, and both are stocked in our store.


Yarn Keys



A recent addition to the store, yarn keys are nice to have to keep track of your label for a specific skein – because it hooks right on to a strand in the ball. Don’t lose track of the essential information about your yarn, such as color, dye lot, or washing instructions!

You could also use these handy tools to attach a pattern to a skein you have a plan for, too!