Why We Love Cash & Checks


You may have noticed our signs at our checkout counter asking for cash or checks. This is mostly for purchases under $10 or $20, but we appreciate cash or checks for any transaction. These payment methods help us to offset some of the costs involved in consistently rising credit card processing fees. And if we save some money in small ways, we can continue to bring great supplies to you!

Historically, credit card fees can range from between .5% to 5% and there’s often a minimum fee for each transaction. Previously, for a $2 purchase, we may have only received half of that in revenue. We have switched our primary credit card processing vendor to Square, which is a small-business-friendly merchant and helps address some of these concerns — it also protects you. Square is one of the leaders in prevention of fraudulent charges. Of course, there are still some fees involved. Now, for a $5 credit card purchase, we will need to pay Square fees that range between $0.14–.33 — these fees do add up fairly quickly, especially when you start to think about our other incidentals (like keeping the lights & heat on).

We appreciate it so much when you’re able to make your purchases with cash or check. We care about you and want to be able to stick around for a long time. By planning ahead for your purchases, it means you care about us, too.

We appreciate your payments with cash or check, especially for purchases under $10. These forms of payment saves us money on charging credit cards, which helps us continue to bring great supplies to you!


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